How to Choose your Snowboard

Choosing a snowboard is the most exciting thing to do!
Unlike rental boards, snowboarding with your own board gives you a different level of motivation. Throughout my years as an instructor I have seen that snowboard beginners with their own boards are much more motivated than those with rentals.

How to Find Your Snowboard Stance: Regular Foot or Goofy

Just like in skateboarding, surfing, and other board sports, snowboarder can choose to ride with a regular stance or a goofy stance. Snowboarders should choose a stance that makes them feel the most comfortable while snowboarding.

Skiers and Snowboarders Collisions: Cause and Avoidance

Having fun on the slopes is always a priority; however, the highest priority should be your own safety. There are still collisions between skiers and snowboarders happening everyday--creating injuries, and in worst cases, fatal accidents.

How To Carve On A Snowboard : 5 Steps

Many snowboarders enjoy carving turns. The riding style makes you look much more advanced and the range of snowboard techniques are being expanded. Personally, I love carving turns so much!

How To Choose Snowboard Boots

Choosing boots is the most important part of snowboard gear. Many people are crazy about buying a new snowboard, but the comfortable boots that suit you will help you improve your snowboarding.

How to Choose Snowboard Bindings

Snowboard bindings are an important gear that connects boards to boots. For boards and boots, choose flex to suit your snowboarding style. Similarly, bindings need to be selected according to the board and boots.

7 Tips for How to Snowboard in Powder

Snowboarding in fresh powder is one of the most unreal experiences, unfortunately, some snowboarders are not confident enough to experience this--but don't worry! I will give you six tips on how to improve snowboarding in powder.

How to snowboard on Flat & Narrow Long Runs(Cat Trucks)

Many beginner snowboarders say they are not good at riding Flat & Narrow Long Runs(Cat Trucks). Even those who can riding on intermediate slopes, some of them are not good at Cat Trucks run.

How to Ollie On a Snowboard : 6 Steps

Ollie is a basic freestyle trick for snowboarders. The ollies allow you to jump across the various terrains of the ski area. With ollie, higher air is also possible. However, when you try it, can't do it well. If you like that, let's do the 6 steps I will introduce!


Feedback for a beginner snowboarder

This is some quick feedback and advice on how u/daddycaprisun can improve his snowboard riding.

How to improve park jumps in snowboarding

Below is a short video from reddit user u/imoran21 who posted on r/snowboarding .
He has made great improvement with just 1 season of snowboarding.

3 Stretches You should do even after a hard day of snowboarding

The day you enjoy snowboarding is very tiring, but it feel good. You might want to go get beer. I think so too. But wait minute. Because if you do not Stretching today, you will get more tired feeing tomorrow. I suggest after riding you should take a bath and relax, then even you get tired you should do there 3 Stretching Exercises for tomorrow riding.

What kind of lunch should we eat on a snowboarding day?

Snowboarding is a sport that uses more energy than you think. Many beginners get a little tired just by wearing snowboard clothing and boots.
It’s also tiring to walk around dressed with heavy layers and mask, goggle, beanie, helmets, gloves, another layers, then you carry a snowboard with you.