How to Choose Snowboard Bindings

Snowboard bindings are an important gear that connects boards to boots.
For boards and boots, choose flex to suit your snowboarding style. Similarly, bindings need to be selected according to the board and boots.
When choosing a binding, it’s a good idea to choose one that specifically suits your boots.

Types of Snowboard Bindings

Here are three main types of bindings.

Strap in Bindings

These most common type of snowboard binding. Perhaps 90% of the current binding market is in this style. They’re easy to use, secure, and responsive and have been the standard for ages. Just slide your foot in, tighten the straps and you’re ready to go.

Well-known binding brands include Burton, Union and Flux. Salomon, K2 and Ride are also popular.

Rear-Entry Bindings

Rear entry bindings can be identified by the reinforced highback and single strap at the toe. The highback of these bindings will pop open, you slide your foot into the strap and then close the highback onto your boot.

The most famous brand for this type of binding is FLOW.

Burton Step-On Bindings

The Burton Step On™ Bindings get you snowboarding quick. It will be future system.

They require the Burton Step On boots and allow you to easily slide your boot in and click your heel into place.
DC shoes has also released step on boots, and there are signs that this system will spread to other boot brands in the future.

It’s a very useful new system and getting very popular now. But some people say the boots are stiff or my toes is hurt. I recommend put on your boots at the shop and make sure it fits your feet before you buy.
Usually, people who are accustomed to wearing bindings take less than 10 seconds. The step-on system can be installed in about 2 seconds.

Many people consider purchasing because of the speed of attachment and detachment, but in reality it only differs by about 8 seconds. When you put on the binding, you need to sit on the snow or bend down, but with the step-on system, that hassle is eliminated. I think that is the good point of this system.

The K2 also has a Clicker™ binding that can be easily attached and detached like Burton’s Step On™ .

Snowboard Binding Components

It’s helpful to remember the name of each part of the Snowboard Binding.

Compatibility between boots and bindings

It is not well known, different boot brand and binding brand may not fit well.
In some cases, the sole of the boot is too big and gets caught every time it is attached to the binding.
So take your boots to the store and see if they fit the bindings you’re about to buy.
If you have the same brand of boots and bindings, that’s fine.

If the boots and bindings go well together, the boots won’t move when worn.

For example

Burton Boots Good compatibility Bindings are: Burton(best match!), Flux, Union, Now, Salomon

Salomon Boots Good compatibility Bindings are: Salomon(best match!), Flux, Union, Now, be careful Burton Bindings it might be too small for Salomon boots

Deeluxe Boots Good compatibility Bindings are: Union(best match!), Burton, Flux, Now, Salomon

Flex (Soft/Medium/Stiff)

There are roughly divided into three types: soft, medium, and stiff.

Stiff bindings are suitable for high speed riding.
The soft bindings also make your ankles easy to move and are ideal for freestyle. Boots are as stiff as bindings, so it’s a good idea to choose a binding that matches the hardness of your boots.

4×4 or Channel System Snowboard Mounting Patterns

Many snowboard brands use a 4×4 mounting pattern.
However, Burton and Endeavor Snowboards use a channel system.

Channel System

Faster, easier and designed to help dial-in the perfect stance for you. You can finely adjust the stance width and angle.
However, since it is fastened with two screws, it is necessary to check the looseness of the screws frequently.

The channel is designed to be compatible with most major bindings. Many people think that channels only attach Burton bindings, but in reality is not only Burton even Union and Flux can use it.


4×4 is a popular system that has been around for a long time.
Fasten one binding with four screws.
Many people find it more secure than a two-screw channel.
You cannot fine-tune the stance width compared to the channel.
All major bindings and settings are possible.

This is the last piece of advice. If you already have boots and want to buy a binding, it’s a good idea to bring them to the shop.

Links to popular snowboard binding brands

Burton: Probably the most popular snowboard binding brands in the world

Union Bindings: If you have the same functionality as Burton, I think Union is cheaper. If you have the same functionality as Burton, I think Union is cheaper.

Flux Bindings: It is not often seen in North America, but it is highly functional and recommended.

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